Being in Canada, we are exposed to a unique market in that it is truly bilingual - English & French. This, in turn, brings with it a unique set of laws regarding packaging on products sold in retail stores. With this being the case, when we began our business with On-Stage Stands, it was imperative that we were able to purchase a short list of SKUs in bilingual packaging so that we could ensure our customers' ability to conform to the laws. TMP immediately understood our requirements to be able to sell and grow the brand in Canada and partnered with us on developing bilingual packaging. This was not a small undertaking as it involved many people internal to TMP, SFM, as well as their factories overseas. In the end, TMP demonstrated an excellent willingness to successfully develop a strong sense of partnership and go beyond the call of duty to help their customers succeed."

Anthony EvansAssistant Product Manager, SF Marketing/Music

On-Stage Contract Manufacturing Services

OEM Factory ImageOver the last three decades The Music People, Inc. has developed the talent, design, and manufacturing capacity to continually feed its proprietary brands with new and innovative products. This capacity has also made The Music People, Inc. the OEM choice for some of the industry's largest brands. As a contract manufacturer, TMP offers its clients a comprehensive range of services that reduce cost and drive profits, and a level of quality that promotes brand recognition and loyalty.

We invite your business to join the list of companies who gain from the unique production resources of The Music People!


TMP works on projects with many music and audio industry companies, large and small, building lines of accessories that support their core products. These companies trust TMP to manufacture products to their exact standards, and do it at a cost below what they themselves could realize. These cost savings are a direct result of our manufacturing expertise, our factory relationships, and the sheer volume of product generated by our proprietary brands and OEM operations.


Likewise, industry leaders trust TMP as an Original Design Manufacturer, either seeing conceptual designs to fruition, or developing entirely new products for them. This process takes full advantage of TMP's considerable design and manufacturing capacity, bringing the client's products to market in the most cost-effective way possible.

TMP's senior designers have in-depth knowledge of consumer products for the music and audio industries. USA-based engineers design products to client specifications and work closely with counterparts in China to ensure that the designs are manufactured as efficiently as possible. TMP designers are experienced with metals, wood, MDF, poly-foams, and plastics and develop products as diverse as mic stands, instrument cases, drum sets, audio cables, and furniture.
With 41 factories in China, TMP is able to proceed from CAD drawings to functioning prototypes with the utmost efficiency. TMP clients benefit from the trial of pre-production samples, which can be examined at sales meetings, trade shows, and other events. The TMP design team has a unique knowledge set, including manufacturing techniques, material characteristics, and music industry needs. The result is a long series of popular, useful, and profitable products.
TMP has been marketing consumer products in the music industry for over 30 years. Not only do TMP clients enjoy award-winning branding and logo design, they benefit from price point analysis, research of competing products, and extensive exposure at tradeshows. TMP has launched hundreds of ad campaigns and has designed packaging for many top companies within the industry.
After coordinating the design, development, and manufacturing of OEM products, TMP has a team of experts to handle all bills of lading, freight forwarding, customs documents, and everything else associated with moving the client's products from factory to destination. For clients with international reach, TMP's factories can export product directly from China.
With these comprehensive manufacturing services from TMP, your business can focus on its brand. We will identify, develop, and produce the accessories that complement and add value to your core products.

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