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GPB2000 - Compact Pedalboard with Gig Bag
  • Holds about five pedals for an effect chain that's organized, connected, and easy to move
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction for a stable foundation and lightweight portability
  • Cutouts in the platform facilitate cable management
  • Nonslip rubber feet prevent skidding when using the pedal switches


KS7903 - Three-Tier A-Frame Keyboard Stand
  • Holds three keyboards while maintaining a small footprint to conserve floor space
  • Three pairs of individually adjustable support bars adapt to the length of each keyboard
  • Independent height and tilt adjustment for each keyboard tier delivers playing comfort
  • Folds down into a compact configuration for efficient storage and transportation


GS7153B-B - Flip-It® Gran Guitar Stand
  • Flip-It® yoke automatically closes around the neck to prevent the guitar from being bumped off the stand
  • Combines balance, sturdiness, and a yoke latch to keep guitars exceptionally safe
  • Yoke latch flips down and springs up for easy placement and removal of a guitar
  • Tilt-back stance prevents the guitar from tipping or falling forward


LSB6500 - Lighting Stand Bag
  • Safely holds and comfortably transports two lighting stands
  • Heavy-duty exterior, piped edges, and padded interior protect gear from damage
  • Two top handles for comfortable lifting and carrying
  • Two-pull zipper opens or closes at either end or any point between for ease of access


SS7748 - Air-Lift Speaker Pole
  • Pneumatic mechanism supplies leverage for safely raising and lowering a mounted speaker
  • Removable lug enables use with either M20-threaded or traditional mounting sockets
  • Height adjusts 36.5"–60" to adapt to a wide range of venues and applications
  • Height settings are secured with a heavy-duty clutch for reliable speaker support


GS5012 - 12-Space Ukulele Rack
  • Holds up to 12 ukuleles in a compact footprint to conserve storage space
  • Included brackets enable wall mounting in addition to freestanding placement on the floor
  • Padding on the yokes protects instruments from scratches
  • Nonslip rubber feet boost stability and stop skids to keep instruments safely in place


LED518 - USB-Rechargeable Orchestra Light
  • Wide lamp head illuminates two side-by-side pages of sheet music without overspill or hot spots
  • Clip securely grips music stands and other surfaces for convenient, reliable placement
  • Flat base holds the unit upright for desktop use
  • Switches between bright light, low light, or off modes to adapt to a variety of settings


GS6000B - Mighty Uke Stand
  • Holds a ukulele, violin, viola, mandolin, lap steel guitar, dulcimer, or similar instrument
  • Folds down for efficient storage and transportation
  • Padding on the contact points protects the instrument from scratches
  • Yoke depth adjusts to adapt to the size and shape of various instruments


SSA2 - Adapter Sleeve for Speaker Brackets
  • Enables a 1 3/8" speaker pole to securely hold a speaker with a 1 1/2" mounting socket
  • Heavy-duty construction for dependable speaker support


SM7122GRB - Compact Sheet Music Stand with Bag
  • Folds down compactly for ease of storage and transportation
  • Includes a protective carry bag with a strap for comfortable transportation
  • Displays three sheets side by side to reduce page turns
  • Bookplate angle adjusts for clear, easy viewing


MS7255PG - ProGrip Dome-Base Mic Stand
  • ProGrip clutch enables one-handed height adjustments 38"–61"
  • Coarse threading increases the efficiency of connecting the shaft to the base
  • 9 lb 10" metal base delivers stability while maintaining portability
  • Rubber feet increase grip to prevent skids and keep gear safely in places


KEP100 - Expression Pedal
  • Heavy-duty construction for dependable performance
  • Textured rubber surface prevents the player's foot from slipping
  • Built-in 6' cord provides plenty of length for ease of comfortable positioning on the floor
  • 1/4" connector works with any electronic keyboard with a 1/4" pedal-input jack


RDL2000 - 2U Locking Rack Drawer
  • Provides a rack with storage for accessories such as cables, connectors, and tools
  • Smooth, sturdy drawer slides ensure reliable operation
  • Solid-steel construction delivers strength and stability to safeguard contents
  • Locks protect contents from theft and tampering and prevent opening during transportation


DS7200QRB - Quik-Release Desktop Mic Stand
  • Compact stand for short-height miking and unobtrusive use on a desktop or podium
  • Quik-Release clutch efficiently adjusts height 9.5"–16" for comfortable positioning
  • 2 lb 6" base and nonslip rubber feet provide stability and vibration dampening


HL4000 - Hook and Loop
  • Secures gear to pedalboards and platforms while enabling detachment and repositioning
  • Can be used on virtually any flat surface to prevent unwanted movement of gear
  • Industrial-strength adhesives provide a secure hold for reliable support of gear
  • Includes two 41.5" x 3" strips that can be cut to fit a wide range of devices


UTC2200 - Utility Cart
  • Safely hauls 485 lb of heavy gear to reduce load-in and load-out times
  • Casters rotate 360° for ease of steering while large treaded wheels provide traction
  • Bed size adjusts to take on large loads or fit through tight spaces
  • Handles can lie flat against the bed to clear the way for oversized gear
  • Polypropylene-filled polyurethane wheels prevent damage & deflation


MS9212 - Heavy-Duty Mic Stand with 12" Base
  • Durable construction ensures dependable performance
  • 10 lb 12" low-profile base delivers unobtrusive stability while maintaining portability
  • Rubber feet increase grip to prevent skids and keep gear safely in place
  • Heavy-duty clutch reliably adjusts height 36"–65" for use in a wide range of applications


RS100 - Amp Tilt System
  • Changing the placement under the amp adjusts the tilt angle up to 30°
  • Rigid inserts provide stability to ensure reliable amp positioning
  • Hook-and-loop fastener secures the structure and detaches easily for speedy set up and teardown
  • Folds down flat and fits in a gig bag for ease of storage and transportation


CW-6 - 5.5 lb Counterweight
  • 5.5 lb counterweight offsets the weight of mics or booms to increase mic stand balance
  • Nylon-tipped set screw grips the mic boom securely without damaging the finish
  • Also boosts the stability of mic stands when mounted to the main shaft or tripod legs


DG600 - Drum Gels
  • Dampen resonance, ringing, and sustain to achieve desired drum tones
  • Reusable pads retain their self-adhering ability for many uses
  • Easy to apply, remove, and reposition
  • Washable with soap and water for long-lasting service
  • Non-toxic formula for safe handling
  • Includes a convenient storage canister


WSA7500 - Single-Space Rack Mount
  • Holds a rack-mount device under the top tier of our WS7500 Workstation
  • Conserves desktop space while increasing ease of access to a device's settings
  • Pre-drilled holes on our WS7500 Workstation enable efficient installation


SS7323B - Wall-Mount Speaker Bracket
  • Heavy-duty nut and bolt support 80 lb and swivel 30° left and 30° right
  • 1 3/8" speaker pole mounts a wide range of speakers
  • Adjustable tilt angle enables speakers to point either straight ahead or 45° down
  • Fully upright, the bracket accommodates speaker cabinets up to 22" deep


SSA1.375 - Speaker Cabinet Insert
  • Adds a 1 3/8" mounting socket to speakers for use with speaker stands and brackets
  • Includes hardware to ensure proper installation


MY900 - Ceiling Bar for Mics and Lights
  • Spans two ceiling tiles to securely mount to a ceiling-tile grid
  • Mounts temporarily or installs semipermanently to adapt to various applications
  • Four positionable 5/8"-27 threaded stems for overhead mounting of mics, lights, or cameras
  • Includes brackets and wood screws for secure mounting or installation


RGBLED100 - LED Wash Light
  • Combination of red, green, and blue LEDs provide a variety of colors to fit any lighting application
  • Adjustable U-Bracket allows for mounting on standard lighting clamps, lighting stands, or to be placed on the ground for back wall/up lighting
  • DMX inputs and outputs provide ability to link fixtures together for standard DMX control
  • Multiple modes including static colors, chase sequences, fade sequences, and sound activated lighting


LS7730 - Lighting Stand with Truss
  • Height adjusts 65"–129" to support tall, complex lighting configurations
  • Height settings are reinforced with a locking pin for reliable lighting support
  • Center truss mounts eight PAR cans while two T-bars each mount four PAR cans
  • Hardware is included for properly mounting all 16 fixtures


MSP7706 - Six Euro Boom Mic Stands with Bag
  • Six stands to mic multiple performers and a protective bag for ease of transportation
  • Heavy-duty, lightweight leg housing for dependable performance and ease of transportation
  • Burly clutch adjusts the height 32"–61.5" for precise, reliable mic placement
  • Removable 30" boom adjusts in angle for precise mic placement


FS7000B - Clarinet/Flute Stand
  • Weighted base provides a stable foundation to safely support and balance the instrument
  • Bell-support post fits snugly inside most clarinets and flutes to provide a secure grip
  • Nonslip rubber feet boost stability and stop skids to keep the instrument safely in place


ASFSS6-GB - Dual-Screen Pop Blocker
  • 6" screen reduces undesirable vocal pops and hisses
  • Improves the sound quality of vocal recordings
  • Protects mic from moisture produced by singing
  • Dual micro-weave diffusers reduce pops and hisses without disrupting vocal tone


GA150 - Guitar Humidifier
  • Unobtrusively stays inside the guitar whether the guitar is on a stand or in a case
  • Never touches the instrument body or neck and will not mar the finish
  • Maintains consistent humidity to preserve the instrument's looks, longevity, and sound
  • Held between the strings to ensure safety and universal fit for all acoustic guitars


DS6213 - Gooseneck Desktop Mic Stand
  • Removable gooseneck features 5/8"-27 threading to mount standard mic clips
  • Gooseneck enables quiet and efficient mic placement–no need for a knob or clutch
  • 2.4 lb base and nonslip rubber feet deliver stability and vibration dampening


MSA9030-13C - 13" Gooseneck
  • Flexible 13" shaft bends into position and stays put for efficient mic placement
  • Pinch-point-free construction protects hands and cables for ease of adjustment
  • 5/8"-27 threading on both ends mounts to standard mic stands and mic clips
  • Holds up to 2.5 lb to deliver stable support for a wide range of mics


AS400V2 - Dynamic Handheld Mic
  • Hypercardioid polar pattern reduces feedback and off-axis noise for a clear signal
  • On/off switch controls muting on the mic itself to prevent unwanted noise
  • Frequency response provides vocal clarity
  • Heavy-duty housing with mesh grill protects internal components for reliable performance


MY120 - Unbreakable Rubber Condenser Mic Clip
  • Interior ribbed texture enhances grip for dependable mic support
  • Expands to fit a variety of mic diameters and returns to its original shape after each use
  • 5/8"-27 threading mounts to a wide range of mic stands and booms


MA1435 - Wireless Transmitter Body Pack
  • Securely holds a wide range of transmitters
  • Adjustable, stretchy belt provides a proper fit and long-lasting comfort
  • Hook-and-loop belt fastener delivers stable, reliable placement
  • Compact pouch can be worn under or over costumes or clothing
  • Water-resistant pouch protects the transmitter from moisture


GSP1000 - ABY Switcher
  • Splits one input for switching between two signal paths, or combines two inputs to share one signal path
  • True-bypass circuitry removes the pedal from the signal path when the pedal is off
  • Heavy-duty aluminum housing protects the internal components to ensure reliable performance
  • Nonslip rubber on the pedal bottom prevents skidding when using the switch
  • 3-Color changing LED indicate A/B and A+B selections


CBS1000 - Endpin Anchor for Bass/Cello
  • Prevents endpin slipping to keep the cello in the desired playing position
  • Protects floors from endpin damage
  • Compatible with a variety of stringed instruments including cello and bass


TS7101B - Trombone Stand
  • Bell support cone adjusts to fit various trombone sizes for a snug, wobble-free hold
  • Padding on the contact points increases grip and protects the instrument finish
  • Height adjusts to provide ease of instrument access whether sitting or standing
  • Tripod base folds down for efficient storage and transportation


SS8800B+ - Power Crank-Up Speaker Stand
  • Crank system supplies leverage for safely raising and lowering a mounted speaker
  • Crank can be operated manually or with the aid of a power drill for extra assitance
  • Speaker pole and adapter can fit speakers with 1 3/8" or 1 1/2" mounting sockets
  • Wide base with nonslip rubber feet provides stability for balanced speaker mounting


ASVSM5-B - Metal Pop Blocker
  • Diffuses vocal air pressure to prevent pops and hisses
  • Protects mic from moisture produced by vocals
  • Quickly and securely clamps to any mic stand shaft up to 1" in diameter
  • Durable metal screen for consistent, long lasting performance
  • Flexible gooseneck enables stable, precise positioning of the screen


LED2224 - Dual USB-Rechargeable Sheet Music Light
  • Two flexible goosenecks enable precise light positioning
  • Two lamp heads each contain four high-intensity LEDs to clearly illuminate sheet music
  • Lamp color switches between red and white to adapt to various applications
  • Clip securely grips music stands and other surfaces for convenient, reliable placement


MSA8020 - Clamp-On Mic Boom Arm
  • Adds a second mic boom to a mic stand-no need for an additional floor stand
  • Great for adding a mic for an acoustic instrument to an existing vocal mic stand
  • Padding on the clamp increases grip and protects the finish of your stand
  • Clamp fits standard mic standard shafts for convenient secure mic mounting


GPA1003 - Utility Stand for Pedalboard
  • Low-profile base slides under pedalboards to conserve floor space
  • Three M20 sockets for adding mic stands and guitar hangers adapt the setup to a wide range of applications
  • Included Rocker-Lug mic stand reaches over the pedalboard—no need for a boom
  • Solid threaded upper shaft with tightening washer securely mounts mic accessories


KS7291 - ERGO-LOK Double-X Keyboard Stand with Welded Construction
  • Double-braced frame and heavy-duty square tubing for dependable keyboard support
  • Clutch release is positioned high on the stand for efficient height and length adjustments
  • Nonslip arm sleeves adjust to keyboard width to increase stability and prevent scratches
  • Rubber feet prevent skids and vibrations to keep keyboards safely in place


SM7122RB - Compact Sheet Music Stand with Bag
  • Folds down compactly for ease of storage and transportation
  • Includes a carry bag with a strap for comfortable transportation
  • Displays three sheets side by side to reduce page turns
  • Bookplate angle adjusts for clear, easy viewing


AS800 - FET Condenser Mic
  • Large-diaphragm condenser mic captures accurate, natural sound
  • Crisp high end, smooth mid range, and robust low end for detailed sound reproduction
  • High sesitivity maintains effective output with quieter sources
  • Low noise enables a wide range of mic distance and position options


MS7201QRB - Quik-Release Round-Base Mic Stand
  • Historically popular mic stand features our Quik-Release clutch for efficient adjustments
  • 7 lb 10" metal base delivers stability while maintaining portability
  • Rubber feet increase grip to prevent skids and keep gear safely in places
  • Squeeze-to-release clutch efficiently adjusts height 34"–62" for use in a wide range of applications


LS7720BLT - Lighting Stand with Side Bars
  • Sturdy shaft adjusts 60"–120" to support tall, complex lighting configurations
  • Top T-bar mounts four PAR cans while two side bars each mount two PAR cans
  • Hardware is included for properly mounting all eight light fixtures
  • Wide base with nonslip rubber feet delivers a stable foundation for safe, secure lighting


SP14-3 - Speaker Cable (3', QTR-QTR)
  • 1/4" metal connectors provide reliable performance and signal transmission
  • 14 AWG wires support high-power applications and low-impedance speakers
  • Durable PVC jacket and insulation stand up to frequent use and wrapping for storage and transportation


KB8904B - Deluxe Keyboard/Piano Bench
  • Flip-top seat provides a convenient storage space for sheet music and accessories
  • Thick cushion delivers long-lasting playing comfort
  • Seat is long enough to accommodate two players at once
  • Plastic feet glide smoothly for ease of positioning and protect floors from scratches


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