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  • Collapsible A-Frame Guitar Stand | GS7364

Collapsible A-Frame Guitar Stand

  • A-frame base provides exceptional sturdiness to reliably hold your guitar

  • Folds down for efficient storage and transportation

  • Width adjusts to adapt to various sizes and styles of guitars

  • Versatile stepped yoke fits any type of guitar including acoustic, electric, and bass

Product Attributes
ApplicationHolds 1 guitar
PaddingEVA rubber
Tubing1" x 1/2" Square
Tilt Angle10 Degrees
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Get A-frame sturdiness alongside flat-folding convenience with our GS7364B Collapsible A-Frame Guitar Stand. The yoke is stepped to form two sections that can securely hold the depth of an electric, acoustic, or bass guitar and the yoke spread adjusts to properly position the guitar body against the backrest. The tilt-back stance keeps the guitar from tipping forward or falling. A wide, splayed base and nonslip feet provide stability and balance for dependable instrument support. Padding on the yoke and backrest protects the guitar's finish. Conveniently, there are no parts to keep track of due to its one-piece construction. For efficient storage and transportation, the stand folds into a flat, compact configuration.
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On-Stage Stands
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Collapsible A-Frame Guitar Stand
Holds 1 guitar
EVA rubber
1" x 1/2" Square
Tilt Angle
10 Degrees
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